Welcome to my Official Website. Here you will find everything about me & the Music.

Last artist from the French touch’s Legendary Crew Yellow Recordings & Africanism Labels, or earlier a part of the respected Azuli Records in UK, Fabrice is the character from the Parisian Scene, connected to the Whole Dance Music world since a decade.

From early Rave parties to the Legendary Bains Douches Club in the 90’s, from Rooted Disco parties to the almighty Glam & Electric Raspoutine Private Club in Paris : Fabrice Dayan is all about House Music, Magic Nights and High Energy. 

In 2015, Fabrice creates Voyeur Music, a dedicated versatile label seen as a Dance Music laboratory, a homebase and a Future branded Party.

That Private Family Club adopts, shares, discover and introduce new talents to established ones, and believe in to create a new vision of a « Music Way of Life ». 

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